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History of the School

The School of Geosciences, is one of the original schools established by the founding framework of the University. It was decoupled from the School of Agriculture in August 2020.

The School of Geosciences is the country’s maiden geoscience school with the mandate broadly encompassing research and academic programmes. The School of Geoscience is dedicated to teaching, research, and service in the fields that promote observational skills, an understanding of data and maps, and an awareness of the interconnected systems that make up the planet. Geoscientists play an important role in protecting the planet by studying it, learning from it, and predicting what the future will bring.

The School of Geoscience plays a critical role in advancing our understanding of the Earth and its complex systems, as well as preparing the next generation of geoscientists to address the many challenges facing our planet, society's most challenging problems, such as natural resources exploration and exploitation, identifying hotspots of disease-causing-elements and natural disasters, climate change, and resource management.


Geoscience for Global Development (GGD).


Promote understanding of the Earth and its resources, and to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for a more resilient and equitable future for all b. A leader in Earth sciences, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet, and inspiring the next generation of scholars and practitioners in this field.


The aim of a School of Geoscience is to advance knowledge and understanding of the Earth and its natural systems, prepare students for geoscience careers, conduct research that addresses societal challenges, promote collaboration and innovation, engage with communities, promote diversity and inclusion, and foster lifelong learning and professional development.
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